Reliance Cement has always strived to be a brand that is associated with a strong present for a prosperous tomorrow. Our tagline “Hamro Bhawishya Hamro Reliance”, i.e. “Our Future Our Reliance” aptly describes the brand’s focus. Reliance has positioned itself as a brand of today that will create a strong, developed and prosperous tomorrow, which is not limited to infrastructure, residential and commercial developments alone but encompass the growth of Nepal as a whole.


The focus of Reliance Cement has been predominantly jingle based campaign execution. In the Nepalese context of advertising and brand building, jingle has been credited with a lot of appreciation for enhancing brand recall and brand association. Furthermore, jingles add that “feel good” factor to the advertisement.


We have used different advertisement mediums to promote Reliance Cement. These are:

  • Print advertisement in national dailies
  • Print advertisement in journals
  • Billboard
  • Overhead bridges
  • Wall Painting
  • Wall Boards
  • Signage’s at highways
  • Program sponsorship in radio stations
  • TV advertisement
  • On-shop branding